NiteguardsNow! Niteguards
NiteguardsNow! Niteguards
NiteguardsNow! Niteguards
NiteguardsNow! Niteguards

NiteguardsNow! Niteguards

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  • $149 + Free Shipping
  • Virtually No Adjustments needed 
  • AI Computed Occlusion
  • Natural Finish

  • Comfortable, Flexibe & Durable
  • Up to 2 Year Wear-Through Warranty
  • Easy Loss Replacement

1. Daily Cleaning - Clean your appliance daily before and after every use. Immediately after removal, use warm water (not to exceed 45°C/113°F) and soap to remove remaining saliva and debris from the device.

2. Cleaning Agents - For periodic removal of debris and maintenance, you can use any mild over-the-counter cleaning agents designed for oral devices. If needed, use a soft bristle brush to clean the inside of your appliance for debris removal. Some of the validated cleaning agents include mouthwash, Dawn dish soap, Polident, Efferdent, 3% peroxide solution, 15% bleach solution.

3. Cautions

•DO NOT SOAK your appliance in any liquid for more than 1 hour.  

•DO NOT use abrasive cleaning agents (i.e. toothpaste) as it can shorten the life of your appliance.

•Dispose of the cleaning solution after every use. Rinse the appliance well prior to use.

•DO NOT SOAK the appliance in water hotter than 45°C/113°F due to risk of warping the device.

It is not recommended to eat or drink while wearing the appliance. Drinking hot liquid may affect the fit of the appliance. Please remove the device prior to eating for optimal performance, fit, and long life. Please remember to handle your NiteguardsNow! Niteguards with care. Ensure to dry your appliance prior to storing it in the case to prevent bacterial growth.

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