Terms of Subscription

Terms of Subscription for Premier NiteguardsNow! Clients:
The INNOBYTE device in your possession is the property of NiteguardsNow! Inc. It will be kept in working order by NiteguardsNow! Inc., as long as the subscription is in force. Consumables (bites and barriers) will be provided free of charge for 3000 INNOBYTE bite assessments per year
Your Visa or Mastercard will be billed monthly for 10 NiteguardsNow! at CAD $149 (free shipping) for a total of C$1490 per month. Any NiteguardsNow! nightguards in excess of 10 will be billed at $149 and kept as a credit toward additional INNOBYTE devices ordered in the future
Sterilization of, or undue physical trauma to the INNOBYTE device causing the device to malfunction, is the responsibility of the user and repairs by manufacturer will be billed to you for up to C$2000. The subscriber is responsible for loss or theft of INNOBYTE device
NiteguardsNow! is not responsible for any physical or personal harm caused by misuse of the INNOBYTE device
If your practice is sold, NiteguardsNow! must be informed 60 days in advance of closing, so INNOBYTE device can be returned to NiteguardsNow!, or a transfer of the subscription can be arranged with the new owner of the practice
* This agreement can be cancelled by either party with 2 months notice with NO financial penalty for either party